Australis Capital, Inc. (CNSX-AUSA) Crashes 93% Since Its Listing on The CSE


Vancouver, Canada based Australis Capital, Inc. (CNSX:AUSA) (OTCMKTS:AUSAF) might have had a torrid time in the stock markets over the past few months, but many experts believe that some recent development could push the stock price higher.

Australis Capital is involved in investments in the cannabis and real estate segment in the United States but its stock price reflects the story of a company that had not been in control for some time. It had its initial public offering on 19 September last year and since then the stock has declined by as much as 93% from its listing price of $16. The stock is now trading at $1.10 on the CSE. However, a range of new developments at the company could build investor positivity about the company.

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Notable Developments

There have been some significant developments that have the capability of improving the stock price. Australis Capital’s acquisition of Mr. Natural Productions $1.3 million is a very important move and something that could have a major impact on the long term well being of the company. The acquisition gives Australis the opportunity to move into California, which is one of the wealthiest states in the United States and remains one of the biggest markets for medical marijuana.

Mr. Natural Productions is a highly valued brand and has become one of the most recognisable names in the medical marijuana space. If Australia can leverage the strengths of Mr. Natural Productions in an effective way, then it could see its investment providing a healthy return in the long term.

However, that is not all. After the investment in Mr. Natural Production, the company has also gone on to unveil a new cannabis app named Coil. The app is available in both Android and iOS versions and is primarily meant for cannabis dispensaries. It will help a dispensary owner to interact with his customers in a far more effective way and has the potential to increase revenues if used correctly. It is powered by algorithms which are biometric in nature and will also provide patients with effective information about cannabis.