Samantha McDonald Joins Grayscale Investment As The VP In Finance


Samantha McDonald Joins Grayscale Investment As The VP In Finance

Samantha McDonald has joined Grayscale Investment where she will serve as the Vice President, Finance. The appointment comes at a time when the digital currency asset management company is seeking to attract institutional and individual investors by positioning itself as an asset class. Having served as a Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of SPDR Gold, McDonald is believed to be in touch with the current market of asset management.

According to Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert, McDonald will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company’s finance, accounting, and legal departments. She will also be instrumental in the management of ETFs and other complex financial instruments.

Grayscale sits at the forefront of digital currency investing

There is a growing wave of investment in the digital currency. Grayscale is one of those companies convinced of being able to provide investors access to the digital currency asset class. This is one of the areas which McDonald will be expected to strengthen and she is confident that she has what it takes.

It is worth noting that Grayscale is part of Digital Currency Group, which sits at the epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry. The company also owns enormous potential of establishing itself as an innovator in the marketplace. It works with a family of single-asset and diversified investment products such as Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC).

Grayscale has other projects in the pipeline

Despite being the global leader in digital currency asset management, Grayscale has other activities up against its sleeves. The company has launched single-asset investment vehicles. The seven distinct vehicles, which are available only to approved investors will provide exposure and to the top digital currencies by market cap.

Meanwhile, the company has also gone public about the approval of public quotation for eligible shares of Ethereum Classic Investment Trust. The private, open-ended trust will not generate any income. However, it derives its value solely from the value of ETC’s. It offers exposure to investors in terms of price movement such that they do not have to undergo the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping of ETC.

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