Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX) Provides Secure KVM Switches To Combat Cyber Threats


Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX) Provides Secure KVM Switches To Combat Cyber Threats

Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX) announced recently that it will start offering an access to a broad line of new Secure KVM Switches with new cybersecurity features to safeguard its customers against making erroneous transfer, unlawful access or tempering with essential user data.

The company has been leading in KVM market ever since its inception in the 1990s and it is focused on advancing its products and service to meet and exceed the demands from customers.

Key Features of Secure KVM Switch

The new service includes secure KVM switch to a higher computer connection controlled from a secure single user console. The device comes with DVI-I DisplayPort or an HDMI video supported by 4K Ultra HD resolution, USB, stereo audio, an alternative smart card reader.

The new device offers a complete set of mechanical, electrical, and optical signal isolation to safeguard data from leaking in between the ports. Furthermore, each connection has its own independent data channel and other unique features that enhance security.

New Website For Commercial and Government Solutions

Black Box recently launched a new website, to offer exclusive and exceptional solutions and service delivery to both the Commercial Services and Government Solutions business units, separately from its usual Technology Products Solutions.

The new website will allow users to easily access critical data and information to digitally transform their businesses. The company is striving to become the leading provider of innovative technological services, solutions and products to businesses across the globe.

Portable Micro Data Center For Government Agencies

Recently, the firm released its Acuity™ Micro Data Center to provide reliable information and communication systems to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal agencies.

For four decades now, Black Box has focused its efforts on providing leading solutions to the security of data and information challenges facing both the public and private companies. The company also continues to build critical innovative products and solutions that require less equipment, manpower and time.

The company’s latest Acuity ensures there is a complete agility in the system and constantly enhances speed and efficiency while at the same time reducing operating costs compared to the existing systems that take several days or even weeks to power up services in the data centers.

According to Jeff Murray, Senior Vice President for Government Solutions, Acuity system provides the best alternative solutions that augment virtualization, bandwidth, flexibility, security, and effective communication channels. Black Box continues to connect people and devices and intends to help users embrace the use of transformational technology.

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